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About Golden Park Hotel

Golden Parkk Hotel in Kolkata, Escort Service in Golden Parkk, Escorts in Golden Parkk Hotel, Call Girls in Golden Parkk and Girl Service in Golden Parkk. The Golden Parkk Hotel offers the best accommodations and relaxation for guests from around the world. It is one of the most popular hotels in Kolkata. In comparison with all hotels in Kolkata, our guests keep telling us that Golden Parkk is best. We strive to offer the best facilities at the most affordable prices in order to value the trust placed in us by our guests.

You will find the Golden Parkk, Kolkata right in the heart of Kolkata, with most corporate buildings, shopping malls and sight and sound attractions nearby. With constant commitment to service and fine attention to detail, this intimate and exclusive hotel offers 72 boutique rooms and conference halls.

Golden Park Hotel Facilities

  • A total of 72 Superior Deluxe Rooms are available.

  • An exquisite combination of designs and colors that keeps your comfort in mind.

  • Featuring IDD, Internet and Email, Voice Mail, Multi Channel Cable TV, Hair Dryer, and 24 hour in-room dining.

  • Each room has a locker.

  • All rooms have Wi-Fi Internet access.

Experience Luxury Services at Golden Parkk Hotel

Escorts Service in Golden parkk hotel

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Call Girl in Golden Park 

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Girl Service in Golden Parkk
Escort Service in Golden Parkk
Call Girls in Golden Parkk
Escort Service in Golden Parkk
Call Girls in Golden Parkk

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Address – Dalhousie Square 1, 2,3, Old Court House St, Ward Number 1, Kolkata, West Bengal 700069

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