CIM : Cum in Mouth

Sex workers offer their clients the opportunity to ejaculate into their mouths as part of their cum in mouth service. Cumming in the mouth of a woman is a fairly common sex act. Women typically enjoy playing with and swallowing cum after ejaculation, especially if the woman seems to enjoy the taste. Depending on whether your partner is open to it, this is one of the many ways you can end your session. This is a fantastic way to end, since your partner may want to finish you with their mouth, eliminating the need to move. The sensations being given to you by your partner can be simply enjoyed and things can flow more naturally.

You might enjoy finishing this way, but you should at least discuss the idea with your partner. There are many reasons why they may not feel comfortable doing it. Cum is too strong for some people, and they cannot stand it. Other people are just grossed out by the idea of cum in their mouths. It’s okay if they’re not. If you don’t like what you’re doing, you can do something else!It might seem like a no-brainer, but give your partner a heads up when it’s time to release. Your load will be more predictable in that way, so they won’t be surprised by it as soon as it arrives.

While you might not have a preference, many people do, and your chosen escort might be one of them. If they spit, don’t take it personally.After the performance, talk to your favorite escort and ask them what you could have done differently next time. Perhaps they would like to try swallowing or finish you like this. While men around the world have different thoughts, dreams, desires, and choices when it comes to sex, our escort agency remains the same.

Our clients looking for CIM escorts will be very surprised to know that the escorts we offer them enjoy taste the cum of men and also enjoy when men spread their cum on their bodies, perhaps by ejaculating their dick in the middle of their tits. For these escorts, we use a special kind of recruitment process where escorts from different reputed backgrounds are asked if they will be able to offer cum in mouth services to our most valuable clients who are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to hire CIM escorts from our agency.

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