69 : Sixty Nine Position

There is a long and fascinating history associated with this position, dating back to ancient times. According to some, the name “69” derives from a representation of two bodies intertwined in a symmetrical manner, with each partner’s head positioned towards the pelvis of the other. In mutual oral sex, the 69 position is so called because each partner curves against the other, face to groin, and looks like numbers 6 and 9. It may take a little more coordination and confidence to perform the 69 Position than other bedroom moves, but it is usually worth the effort. This sex style refers to the carnal configuration that lets you and your partner give each other simultaneous oral action. It’s referred to as the 69 style because of the way it looks when you and your partner match your mouths to each other’s genitals at the same time.

In foreplay, sixty-nine, or 69ing, gives both partners satisfaction instead of one supplying and the other receiving. Intimate and personal, it is a matter of preference. Some religions have taboos about oral sex in any form, and some people do not enjoy it. However, it can be a healthy part of a healthy relationship and sex life for those who do enjoy it.

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