Spanking * Giving

We often see our Escort Girls receiving punishments from their customers because they are compliant. Deftly beating one of our Escorts is the service you should book if you fancy giving them a good thrashing. When you are a punisher and play the lead role in the room, it can feel extraordinarily unusual. Even if you have previously punished sexual accomplices, you may have felt unfulfilled or needed to accomplish more. Well, now you can punish a dazzling Escort Girl, . You may need to pretend to be an instructor giving your wicked schoolgirl (our Escort) a hard beating and pretend to guide her. The sight of her butt moving when you hit her or the fact that you’re a little harsh in the room may turn you on. Observing what they have given them can turn some customers on, especially when they see their Escorts’ butts turn a bit red. You can be confident your Escort Girl will appreciate getting this and you can give up and live it up if you love the rule of the pack or love to lead the pack.

Escorts who specialize in spanking offer full assistance, implying they provide sexual services. They’re often warm, welcoming, but by no means universal. The act of spanking can create intense sensual experiences, particularly when paired with strategic maneuvers. Punishing escorts may also enjoy being dominant/tops, where they enjoy giving the spanking, rather than receiving it. Escorts who enjoy spanking may also partake in other related activities such as role-playing, submission, and dominance games.  

Overall, your punishing escort must discuss her preferences and cut-off points with you before your meeting. Regardless of the punishment, all escorts are unique, as they will have distinct torment resilience, for instance. It is not necessary to adhere to rigid guidelines when meeting with beating escorts, but you may consider any of the following as a starting point.

Spanking * Giving

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